Welcome to the newest edition to our website - "The Swimmer Diaries". In this space we feature one of our students and their inspiring story.

This week we would like to introduce Sebastian and Tobias. These brothers started swimming lessons at C&M Aquatic Centre in October 2015. They have both done extremely in their lessons and their instructor Maria is very proud of what they have accomplished. We would like to thank Daisy for sharing this lovely story of her two boys:

“I have a story to share about my two boys who have progressed so much since they started swimming lesson for the very first time in their life:

Sebastian is 5 years old but he is not going to Kindy this year as he has mild global developmental delay, severe language delay and asthma. He has been attending speech therapy since he was 2 years old; however his progression has been very slow. Due to his language delay Sebastian couldn’t communicate with other children at preschool which made it difficult to make friends.

Since enrolling into swimming lessons his confidence and self-esteem has increased, and he is now able to communicate and follow instructions easier and clearer. He listens to his swimming instructor Maria and follows her instructions. I’ve noticed the improvement since he commenced swimming lessons last term. He looks more confident in himself, his low self-esteem is getting better. I have also seen a huge improvement with his asthma, there has been very few attacks since he started swimming.

Tobias is 4 years old and was petrified of the water. He used to even be terrified of the water park where the water was not even deeper than his foot. He would just run away and scream. There was no way I could even take him to the beach either.

Since he started swim lesson at your centre (it took a few weeks to stop crying every lesson), he is now more confident than Sebastian to do his kicking and floating in the water. I never expected this to happen in such a short time (only in one term). From being scared to look at water and not even come close to any water thing, he is now putting his face into the water and diving without crying and screaming. This is amazing..... “

I hope that this story benefits you.


For our first swimmer diary entry we would like to introduce JOSHUA SOLOMON:

"In every child's life there are many milestones they need to meet to help them grow and develop. This is Joshua who was a child that had a speech delay and low muscle tone. A combination of speech and occupational therapy together with weekly swimming lessons at C&M has helped Joshua immensely to achieve those milestones.

Swimming taught him to follow instructions in a group and one on one environment. He would repeat the instructor's phases such as 'run, run, run, kick, kick, kick' and 'talk to the fish, listen to the fish'. Swimming helped build strength in his muscles and now can swim with strong arms and legs like never before.

Swimming lessons at C&M have been more valuable to Joshua than other sporting activity to help him with his development and confidence."

By Rosa Solomon - proud parent to Joshua Solomon

Josh is pictured here with his instructor - Mrs Tilde

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