C&M Aquatic Centre News

  • The NSW Government Active Kids Voucher will be accepted by C&M Aquatic Centre in Term 2, 2018 once we have been accepted as a Provider for this service. Providers cannot apply until 1st March 2018. Your Active Kids Voucher can be used for swimming lessons providing your booking is no less than 8 weeks in duration.
    Refer to the NSW Government Office of Sport website for more information

What's happening at C&M Aquatic Centre in Term 2 2018?

  • Race Nights are held fortnightly. The next Race Night for 2018 will be on Friday 25th May.
    (Race 1: Freestyle and Race 2: Butterfly).
  • Fun & Safety Week will be held during the last week of Term 2,
    Monday 2nd July to Saturday 7th July 2018. The theme is "MEXICAN FIESTA".
    In memory of Jenny, our fun-loving receptionist we have introduced "The Jenny Award".
    This award will be presented to the Best Dressed "Sports Person" during Fun & Safety Week.

  • Term 2 starts on Monday 30th April through to Saturday 7th July 2018.